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Meet the Experts

On behalf of U.S. Soy, seven experts in the swine industry – representing nutrition, veterinary medicine, production, economics, genetics and meat quality – have come together to lead this informational initiative and share their insights and expertise on how soybean meal can be both a nutritional ingredient, as well as prescriptive solutions to overcome seasonal challenges in pig production. As a team, they have collaborated and are passionate about helping the industry understand, validate, and utilize soybean meal to enhance pig health, productivity and profitability.

Please feel free to contact any one of them if you have questions about this informational initiative.

Bart Borg, PhD
Standard Nutrition Services
R. Dean Boyd, PhD
Animal Nutrition Research
Aaron Gaines, PhD
David Holzgraefe, PhD, PAS
Holzgraefe Innovative Services
Steve Pollmann, PhD
DSP Consulting
Andrzej Sosnicki, PhD
Paul Yeske, DVM, MS
Swine Vet Center